Within the collaboration with NESsT Foundation for the project Fabricat în Țara lui Andrei 2016 (Made in Andrei’s Land), we worked on a series of market studies, that included general market analysis (economic and legislative field), competitive analysis and market segmentation.

For the collaboration with Fabricat în Țara lui Andrei, our services were requested and contracted by 8 of the semifinalists.

Seven of them reached the final stage, and two won the Big Prise worth 32.000 Euros.

fabricat in tara lui andrei winners award
Fabricat în Țara lui Andrei 2016 Winners Award

Here is a brief overview of every project we worked on.

Rose jam factory analysis


For the project of launching a roses jam factory, we conducted a market intelligence study in several phases.

First of all, we analysed the national economic and legislative context, and we identified the competitors (desk research).

For identifying the target audience, we went through two phases:

  • In the first phase we interviewed the potential B2B clients (distributors, HoReCa locations) in order to find out the opening to sell this sweet specialty product.
  • In the second stage we conducted random street surveys with a predefined step.

The questionnaires aimed respondent’s availability to consume roses jam, limits of price acceptability and their associations with this product. These two phases helped us to define the target audience for roses jam and to measure the potential of success of the future business.

Passive houses market research

passive house project

For the passive houses project we conducted a market research in several phases.

  • First of all, we analysed the national and international economic context for building passive houses, as well as legislative regulation (desk research).
  • Moreover, we did a competitive analysis at the national level, in which we evaluated the main competitors on the market using specific technics like mystery shopping and desk research.

In order to identify the target audience, we conducted phone questionnaires with persons that intent to buy a terrain or to build a house in the following year. Among them, we examined the awareness level of “passive house” concept, and the respondent’s openness to build this kind of house as compared to a “traditional” one.

After we received the market study from MKOR, it took us several days to read it thoroughly and to analyse it carefully. We liked the final product very much and we discovered some new information in it. The study meets our expectations and overcomes them. We liked the structure and the fact that every aspect comes with arguments (we carefully read all the footnotes and references to specialized online pages). All the points specified in the contract have been reached, and also were included some additional helpful materials. Moreover the final conclusions and recommendations were useful for our business plan. From our perspective, the collaborations went really well. We appreciated the promptness, reliability and openness to clients. I look forward to new collaborations, because we will certainly need MKOR services again.

— Daniela Teodorescu, Architect, Project Manager

Ecotourism consultancy – phone interviews

eco tourism

For the project of launching a business in the ecotourism consultancy field, we conducted a market study in several phases. First of all, we analysed the economic and legislative context regarding ecotourism certification, as well as a brief review of competitive field.

To identify the target audience, we conducted phone interviews in ecotouristic locations from Romania, in order to spot motivational factors for accreditation. Summarizing them helped us shape a profile of benefits and challenges encountered in the future ecotourism consultancy for accreditation business.

First of all, we would like to thank you for your openness and implication in doing the study for us. Market research in term of legislation in the field, as well as the recommendations given, are really useful and help us develop a marketing strategy and to bring relevant information to our clients. Regarding the study carried out among already accredited units in ecotourism, we appreciated your suggestion which is much more relevant for us both from the point of view of Fabricat în Țara lui Andrei project, as well as the implementation of our idea, namely consultancy services in this field. Thereby, we would like to thank you once again for your openness, proactivity, involvement, and last but not least, for working within a very short deadline. We wish you success and growth in the future, and if we will need this kind of services again, we will definitely call MKOR!

— Andreea Radu, Simona Macovei, Project Managers

Wrought iron products workshop – desk research

wroth iron forging

For the project of launching a wrought iron products workshop, we conducted a market study in several phases. First of all, we analysed the local economic context regarding the main manufacturers of wrought iron items (desk research).

To identify the target audience, we set up several phone interviews to potential corporate clients, considered much more relevant than individuals end-users (in this certain stage). Within the interviews we measured their personal needs and availability to collaborate with a new manufacturer, as well as the demand at the final consumers level.

Thank you a lot for the market study, it is pleasant and conclusive. It will be helpful for the business plan, and for further occasions. I enjoyed collaborating with you and I hope to have the opportunity to work with you on other projects as well. I wish you the best in everything you do!

— Gabriela Dușa, Project Manager

Fish restaurant at Corbu


For the project of opening a fish restaurant in Corbu, we conducted the market intelligence study in several phases. First of all, we analysed the local economic context from HoReCa perspective (desk research).

Likewise, we ran a local competitive analysis, to evaluate the main competitors on the market, using specific techniques like mystery shopping and desk research.

To identify the target audience we followed two phases:

  1. Conducted interviews with the clients of competitive locations (fish restaurants) in which we discovered their motivation to choose a this kind of restaurant, rather than a generic one;
  2. Ran a series of street questionnaires to people who use to have meal in the city. The surveys regarded respondent’s availability to go to Corbu and have meal, including in off-season. These two phases helped us in defining the target audience of the newly fish restaurant.

Some words describe MKOR team: promptness, professionalism and quality. I recommend the MKOR customized services, as they are the best!

— Lawyer Florin Alexandru, Project Manager

A new product: apple pie filling


Focus groups and testing session targeted those who are responsible with cooking in the household: usually housewives. These sessions took place over two weeks at MKOR’s focus groups locations.

The results were used primarily to establish the recipe that will be part of the future apple processing plant portofolio, and furthermore, to measure the customer’s availability to accept / consume this type of products.

Within this project we also studied the fruit jam market in Romania and their competition on the local market.

We worked very well with MKOR – they are professionists used to adapt to client’s needs, to react fast, to adapt and to deliver exactly what was promised in the end. And, furthermore, they respected some really short deadlines that lead to an excellent final result. Thank you and we kindly recommend you!

— Doris Stroiescu, Project Manager

Bunicel.ro (project finalist, awarded with 32.000 Euros)


Within the collaboration with Bunicel, we conducted a series of focus groups followed by product tasting sessions.

The objective was to test and launch a new product on the market, but also to measure the satisfaction for the products already present in Bunicel’s portfolio.

website bunicel
Website Bunicel.ro

The focus groups were followed by tasting sessions targeting natural sweets consumers from Romania. These sessions took place over two weeks at MKOR’s premises.

Focus group and testing sessions results lead to choosing / setting the recipe in the first place, and secondly, to discover consumers availability to accept / consume certain products.

Also, within this project we studied the jam market in Romania and measured their competition trough competitive research.

Bunicel is a jam manufacturer in accordance with traditional recipes, cooked in the pot using fruit picked from the grandparents orchard. The recipes used by them date back more than 200 years ago, being obtained from the oldest manuscripts found.

We take advantage of this opportunity to thank you for your involvement and reliability. We have to admit that we did not expect a market study to be done with such care. The recordings from the focus groups were so brilliant that I stayed up until 2 a.m. last night listening to them. They were interesting, relevant and helpful.

— Mihai Zaharia, Bunicel.ro Manager

Miere Sinceră (finalist project, awarded with 32.000 Euros)

bread with honey

Within the collaboration with Apostolescu Apiary – Miere Sinceră (Sincere Honey), MKOR Consulting conducted a market study regarding the opportunity to open the first touristic apiary in Romania, at Câmpina, Valea Prahovei.

The research targeted both the local and national market. The study was broken down in two phases:

  • Phone interviews with apiaryes from Romania, potential competitors of the touristic apiary.
  • Questionnaires with honey end-consumers from Valea Prahovei, in order to identify their consumption habits for apiculture products.
A product from Miere Sinceră Apiary

The project planned to identify both the main consumption trends on the beekeeping market in Romania, and the potential clients openness to visit this kind of touristic apiary.

We made a series of recommendation for Miere Sinceră based on the results obtained from the secondary research, interviews and questionnaires.

The eventual business plan was among the winners of 2016 Social Entrepreneurship Contest – Fabricat în Țara lui Andrei.

The touristic apiary is currently in the process of launching their business based on the findings of our research.

Thank you for the reliability and prompt response to our request. Your report is really useful for our newly launched business, and from the results delivered, we were able to understand the clients real needs and to adapt the marketing plan. Great report and, at least for me, exciting. Congratulations! The study recommendations and conclusions were VERY USEFUL..

— Mihail Apostolescu, Apicola Valea Prahovei Association President

Target market for these projects

  • Romania


  • Focus group
  • Tasting sessions
  • Structured interview
  • Questionnaire
  • Mystery shopping
  • Secondary research
  • Desk research

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