The Părinți în România Foundation (Parents in Romania) has introduced a local call center service for parents looking for emergency pediatric medical advice. The service is available for free, 24/7, and is staffed by experienced pediatricians.

Out of the desire to help parents, the foundation wanted to develop a Peditel mobile app to facilitate access to pediatric medical advice.

Thus, the foundation requested a quantitative study to test the concept among the users of the Peditel service. MKOR enthusiastically responded to the request and joined the initiative by conducting pro bono market research.

Mobile app concept testing

The Peditel mobile app complements the call center service, its purpose being to offer more facilities to Peditel users. These features include video calling and chat, patient record and access to educational materials, such as articles, video lessons and webinars.


Research objectives

The main directions considered in this study were:

  • Testing the mobile app facilities
  • Identifying the level of interest of Peditel users regarding the functionality of the app
  • Identifying user needs and expectations from a pediatric telemedicine app
  • Identifying the availability of payment for access to the app’s facilities
  • Identifying user perception of telemedicine service contribution

About the research

This study involved a primary research, collecting data directly from the source through an online opinion survey.

  • Target market: pediatric telemedicine
  • Type of research: quantitative
  • Research Tool: Online Opinion Survey (CAWI)
  • Target audience: Peditel service users

About Peditel

Peditel is a call center service for pediatric medical advice, available in Romania and international. An initiative of the Părinți în România Foundation, Peditel is a free facility, available non-stop, intended for children between 0 and 6 years old. The service is offered by specialist/primary medical doctors.

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