MKOR – Bodnar Group collaboration consisted in developing a marketing strategy in several phases, starting with a market study of customized furniture manufacturers, launching a new site and preparing the online strategy.

bodnar furniture manufacturing

Custom furniture manufacturers market study.

The study lasted 3 months and included observation and data collecting about the main national competitors. Also, the study included collecting and analysing data (desk research) from secondary sources, that supplemented the economic sight of our client. This study helped us to better understand the website addressability, as well as develop the marketing strategy.

Launching the new website.

Together with the management department, we designed the company’s presentation website, that included its main technical and artistic capabilities, putting focus on its ability to bring in qualified leads (leadgen).bodnar furniture logo

The site is designed on WordPress and is responsive to any platform, SEO optimised and easy to update.

Marketing strategy.

The marketing strategy covered both online launching, as well as the offline approach of the present and prospect clients, in a proactive way.

Inside the strategy we’ve covered competitive analysis with all the competitors in the furniture market, giving a holistic view of all the strategic directions they should follow.


  • Romania


  • Desk research
  • Web development
  • SEO
  • Online marketing
  • Competitive analysis

About Bodnar Group

Bodnar Production was established in 2007 as a result of over 7 years of experience in the furniture industry in Italy and Germany. Bodnar Production produces a wide range of furniture to order. The product portfolio includes furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, dressing rooms, furniture for children’s rooms, office furniture, etc. Among the company’s customers are well-known names such as Salad Box or Donuterie.

The marketing strategy, starting with a market study before launching the new site and promotion strategy, helped Bodnar Group to relaunch its business and find new clients.

— Gabriel Bodnar, Business Owner

MKOR studies in the context of COVID-19

The COVID-19 epidemic impacts consumer behavior at unpredictable levels. In this context, MKOR consultants are constantly informed about the approaches recommended by the research community, to be able to include them in the predictions of consumer behavior.

MKOR also conducts its research projects on the impact of the coronavirus epidemic, both in the general population and in business. You can download them for free from the in-house market research section.