MKOR Consulting designed the marketing strategy, website, marketing channels and lead generation channels for a new business addressed to children’s activities – Legoteca.

Because we approached a new business, the marketing strategy was ample and included the sales strategy, branding and the website.


Marketing & Sales Strategy

The marketing strategy for Legoteca included a short market research with competitive analysis, suggestions regarding vision, key messages and planification.

The recommendations were made taking into consideration competitors, Google trends, SWOT analysis and general market analysis. Our team made recommendations regarding sales, demos, strategic partnerships, communication, SEO optimisation, Google AdWords, promotional campaigns, and many others aspects.

We identified the client’s business potential and market prices. Our recommendations took into account a series of marketing instruments in order to increase business visibility and to fulfill financial objectives.

Branding & Website

Being online is a must have for anyone who wants to be closer to its clients, especially for a newly launched business.

Having this in mind, our agency designed a website to meet Legoteca customers needs. The design is neat and playful, just as the brand.

Furthermore, our specialists paid attention to technical aspects like SEO optimisation, mobile friendly, or usability (UX). Thereby, we made sure that being online will be productive for the business and will generate conversions.

website screenshot legoteca

Legoteca will organises LEGO and robotics workshops for children between 4 and 14 years. Beside these workshops that will be held in Ilfov, Legoteca will launch and organise these activities in camps held in other parts of Romania.

Target market

  • Romania


  • Desk research