Within the study conducted with MKOR Consulting, Sun Plaza followed consumer’s behaviour in order to identify the most appreciated ways of spending leisure time.


The study was conducted two stages, one for gathering information about the mall’s clients, and the other one for analysing the ways of spending leisure time that clients have or what they wish for, when they visit their local mall.

Geographic segmentation study

The study included an interactive field study and data analysis using a randomized representative sample consisting of mall’s visitors.

Consumer study: ways of spending leisure time in the mall

testimonial from the clientThe approach used in this study consisted in identifying consumer’s preferences regarding leisure activities in the mall.

The objectives were measuring the consumer’s favorite ways of spending leisure time at the mall in generally, and identifying new development opportunities for the mall.

Target market

  • București


  • desk research
  • Online questionnaires (MKOR’s own panel)
  • Face to face questionnaires



The final report included researcher’s detailed conclusions, and recommendation that helped us develop marketing and communication strategies in accordance with the targeted public’s needs. We strongly recommend MKOR’s services and we want further collaborations with them.

– Cristina Costăchescu — Marketing Manager Sun Plaza