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Usage and Attitude (U&A) Research – Wearable Devices Market – Fitbit

Fitbit hired MKOR to uncover the habits and preferences of users of wearable devices, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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MKOR este partener Statista

MKOR is officially a Statista data partner

MKOR has been a Statista data partner since May 2021. We are proud that our information efforts are crowned by a partnership that honors us and we take responsibility to continue to provide relevant data from the Romanian market.

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The impact of COVID-19 on e-commerce businesses in Romania

We Presented Pioneering Data Regarding COVID-19 Impact In Romanian E-Commerce Companies at European Digital Commerce

Corina Cimpoca, founder MKOR, presented pioneering data regarding the COVID-19 impact in Romanian e-commerce companies, followed by the strategic actions they have taken to meet the challenges and adapt to new market trends.

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57% of Romanian customers purchased fashion offline in September 2021

Romanians buy fashion items (clothing, footwear, lingerie and accessories) on average 2.5 times a month. 48% of consumers bought fashion items from malls in September.

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54% of consumers expect a high-tech experience in the store of tomorrow

The monthly data provided by the Consumer Trends.Live platform indicate that most Romanians expect a High-Tech (54%), Omnichannel (16%) and Premium experience, at affordable prices (37%) in the Store of Tomorrow.

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care & beauty consumer

4 in 10 Romanians purchased perfumes to celebrate the holidays dedicated to women

Corina Cimpoca, founder of MKOR Consulting, underlined the competitive advantages Care & Beauty Consumer Trends.Live offers in the interview with Anca Olteanu, the publication's editor-in-chief.

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Retailerii-romani-preferati-de consumatori

Romanian Retailers Are Preferred By Online Shoppers

Consumption Evolution in Q2-Q3 2021 Study is extracted from the monthly monitoring platform of consumer behaviours, Consumer Trends.Live. According to Consumption Evolution in Q2-Q3 2021, Romanian consumers prefer to buy online from local…

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Over half of Romanian consumers purchased IT&C in December

In 2021 we launched IT&C Consumer Trends.Live, the first real-time market study in the Romanian IT&C Retail Market. The monthly data provided by IT&C Consumer Trends.Live can be explored to discover: the preferred shopping channel by IT&C…

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Retail Trends 2021: RetailArena 2021 Summary – A Game Of The Future

On October 27th and 28th, we participated as a research partner at retailArena 2021 - A Game of The Future, where we presented for the first time .Live data from the first real-time market study in Romania - Consumer Trends.Live

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Raport NPS retail Romania 2021-2022

NPS Score In Romanian Retail In 2022

The Consumer Trends.Live platform is a complete market intelligence tool, through which retailers can track market indicators, such as the NPS score of retail brands and leaders, to stay relevant to their target audience, but also one step…

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