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Wisdom of the crowds in market research

The aggregation of information in groups leads to better decisions than individual judgement. Market research provides you with the wisdom that crowds hold.

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Digital Marketing Trends 2019 White Paper

Keeping up with all the changes, challenges and opportunities is now, more than ever, the key for successful companies, which grow with the trends. We've spent entire weeks documenting the latest, the greatest, the juiciest marketing…

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Digital Fashion Consumer Trends Report 2019

Discover the latest market trends and uncover sources of innovation for digital fashion in Romania with the latest industry research from MKOR Consulting’s team of experts.

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MKOR Panel Book

Access our Panel Book and get insights about B2B and B2C targets for market research. Gain a deeper understanding on the countries we can access with our online panels.

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MKOR Esomar 28

Get to know us better, ESOMAR asked, we answered. Download our Esomar 28 response to see how MKOR differentiates itself from other sample providers. Provable market research by MKOR.

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Properly Measure your Target Market through Workforce Analysis

Workforce analysis will uncover your company's hiring potential. Businesses need reliable people to flourish. A growing company is one who needs to employ new dedicate qualified people.

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Romanian Leaders Profile Research Report

What defines Romanian Leaders? Which are the main traits and lifestyles of the Romanian leaders? What habits do they adopt, what type of personality and what values do they posses? Moreover, is there a link between talent, GRIT, passion…

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Digital Fashion Consumer Trends 2017

This research uncovers different directions of classic retail versus the online fashion retail. Also, you can see an exclusive analysis of digital trends that consumers crave for.

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Market Research Results in Romanian Companies

Researching the target market, according to three-quarters of the main decision-makers in Romanian companies, helps find answers to questions about clients, competitors and the business landscape.

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