The South Muntenia Regional Development Agency requested the completion of a study to assess the notoriety of the POR in the South Muntenia region, regarding the information and promotional activities carried out by the ADR South Muntenia during the period 2018-2019, according to the Communication Plan for POR 2014-2020.

Therefore, MKOR was commissioned to evaluate the notoriety of the program and the effectiveness of marketing communications.

Level of Awareness of the POR Program 2014-2020

This study aimed at identifying the level of awareness of the POR 2014-2020 program among beneficiaries, the level of information about the program’s characteristics and procedures, beneficiaries’ perception of the program, and measuring the level of satisfaction with the communication and ADR South Muntenia.

Regarding the general public, the study aimed at measuring the notoriety of the POR 2014-2020, the level of information about the program, the benefits perceived by the public and the general public’s opinion about the program.


Objectives of the Brand Tracker Study

The main objectives of the study were:

  • Measuring the level of notoriety of the Regional Operational Program 2014-2020 among the general public of the South Muntenia Region
  • Measuring the efficiency and satisfaction level regarding the communication tools used up to that point at the level of potential beneficiaries soliciting POR 2014-2020
  • Developing a set of conclusions and recommendations that would guide the activities of informing and promoting REGIO for the period 2019-2020

About the Quantitative Research

This study presupposed primary research, collecting data directly from the source, through the online opinion poll. The research targeted two categories: beneficiaries of funds available through POR 2014-2020 and the general public.

The study addressed to the beneficiaries of funds available through POR 2014-2022:

Type of research: quantitative
Research instrument: online opinion poll (CAWI)
Sample: N=100 respondents

The study addressed to the general public:

Type of research: quantitative
Research instrument: online opinion poll (CAWI)
Sample: N=850 respondents, representative at the regional level based on criteria of gender, age, and geographic distribution

The research results are public on the ADR Sud-Muntenia website and can be consulted here >

About the Regional Development Agency South Muntenia

The Regional Development Agency (ADR) South Muntenia is a non-governmental, non-profit, public utility institution with legal personality, which operates in the field of regional development.

The agency is the main regional-level organization responsible for the formulation and implementation of regional development strategies and policies.

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