• Almost 6 in 10 Romanian consumers purchased IT&C products for Christmas
  • In December, Romanian consumers spent an average of 1.230 RON on IT&C purchases, a drop of 6% compared to the Black Friday month
  • Half of consumers (49%) purchased phones and tablets, and 1 in 3 consumers purchased laptops

Preferred shopping channels of IT&C consumers

According to the monthly data provided by our Consumer Trends.Live platform, over half of Romanian shoppers have bought IT&C products for Christmas.

36% of the IT&C shoppers purchased from specialised stores in shopping malls, and 28% purchased from online marketplaces.

Only 6% of IT&C shoppers purchased omnichannel in December 2021.


Frequency of IT&C purchases

IT&C Consumer Trends.Live data also indicates that 1 in 3 IT&C consumers (33%) upgrade their mobile phones every 2-3 years, and the winter holidays are a good time to do so.

They spent an average of 1.242 RON per phone shopping session in December 2021.

The average shopping cart for IT&C online purchases was higher (1.385 RON/purchase) compared to the budget spent in brick and mortar stores (1.120 RON/purchase).

Top IT&C brands

eMAG and Altex are the top preferred retailers in all categories analysed in the first real-time IT&C retail survey in Romania:

  • Laptops & IT
  • Phones & tablets
  • TV, audio, video & photo
  • Gadgets
  • Gaming
  • Accessories & more

eMAG leads the phone purchasing segment, 28% of consumers choosing the local brand, as well as the laptop purchasing segment (40%).

Altex is the leader in the tablet purchasing segment, being the first choice of 33% of consumers. Altex is also the IT&C shoppers’ first choice in the PC purchasing segment (37%).

The IT&C retail brands top by NPS is updated monthly and can be accessed free of charge 24/7 on MKOR Consulting’s website, on the IT&C Consumer Trends.Live dedicated page.

For the real-time IT&C retail brands top by NPS, access Consumer Trends.Live data>

Main purchasing indicators in IT&C retail in Romania

We have been monitoring 7 different industries through Consumer Trends.Live, since early 2021:

  • IT&C
  • Fashion
  • Care & Beauty
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Appliances
  • DIY
  • Home & Deco

The first real-time IT&C consumer survey in Romania is conducted monthly by MKOR Consulting on a Romanian representative sample of at least 400 respondents, based on gender, age, and region.

The main IT&C purchase indicators in the are:

  • Discovering the local IT&C Market trends in real time
  • Seasonality and how it influences the analysed indicators
  • Evolution of the main purchasing indicators in the market, by categories
  • Identifying IT&C retail market customer profiles through Purchasing Frequency, Budget and Purchasing Channel
  • Monitoring IT&C brands according to performance indicators such as Net Promoter Score and Differentiators
  • Identifying the target audience profile of each analysed retailer
  • Digital shopping technologies adopted by IT&C consumers

Characteristics of Romanian IT&C consumers

Romanian IT&C audience is mostly made up of Millennial men. They tend to buy IT&C products more often, spend the most per purchase (1.400 RON) and prefer to shop online (47%). Preferred retailers are eMAG (54%) and Altex (17%).

Use of digital technologies in IT&C shopping

77% of Millennials consumers used their phone during their last IT&C purchase in brick and mortar stores.

They use digital technologies when shopping for IT&C in particular to consult reviews about the products they intend to purchase (32%), but also to compare product prices between various retailers, and to make use of the brand’s app.


IT&C Consumer Trends.Live top benefits for retailers

In 2021 we launched IT&C Consumer Trends.Live, the first real-time IT&C market study in Romania.

The monthly data provided by IT&C Consumer Trends.Live can be explored to discover:

  • IT&C consumers’ preferred shopping channel
  • Seasonality in IT&C purchasing
  • Top IT&C brands by NPS
  • IT&C market’s main purchasing indicators
  • Romanian IT&C target audience
  • IT&C consumers’ behaviour

Consumer Trends.Live methodology

The Consumer Trends.Live study provides real-time access to market data, directly from the consumer.

  • Sample: minimum monthly N = 400 respondents
  • Sample characteristics: national representative by gender, age and region. 95% confidence level, max. Error +/- 5%
  • Target: general population of Romania aged between 18 and 65
  • Research method: opinion poll
  • Instrument: questionnaire
  • Data view: interactive online dashboard
  • Approach: online, through the MKOR Panel

Discover IT&C Consumer Trends.Live

The Consumer Trends.Live platform can be explored in a demo session with an MKOR consultant. The following are available during this session:

  • Consumer Trends.Live dashboard
  • The benefits of the platform
  • Recommendations for extracting the data necessary for the business strategy

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