Business leaders in Romania ensure their success by taking strategic decisions based on sound knowledge of their industry.

How do they do that?

According to three-quarters of leaders from Romanian companies, market research helps them find answers to questions about customers and the competitive environment in general.

The 252 representatives of Romanian companies, who answered to MKOR’s initiative, are part of all levels of management, from entrepreneurs and top managers to middle managers. In other words, decision-makers in their companies.

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Strategic decisions are made following a market study

Two thirds of the companies that carry market research are looking to better understand the overall market and to follow the changes that are taking place in their industry.

53% of those who employ market research, consider it to be a powerful tool that helps them to take strategic and informed decisions.

A quarter of companies are turning to research to measure and validate actions they already have taken, while another 26% do market research either to complete some documentation or because this is required by the headquarters.

Other 45% do market research in order to gather information on their competitors. Measuring their target market has a positive impact, according to business leaders.


44% of companies turn to Market Research Agencies

Almost half (44%) of companies from Romania seek the help of Market Research Agencies to maximize their results and to have access to know-how, experience and expertise of professionals.

Market Research is a tool that confers a overall view of the market and contributes to a better decision making in Romanian companies.

The Strategic Decision Making Study was conducted online in March 2018 on a sample of 252 companies in Romania.

Download The Impact of Market Research in Romanian CompaniesGive me the whitepaper for free

impact of market research

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As we always advise our customers to research the market in order to gain access to information that otherwise cannot be intuited, we had the same approach to our own business: we asked Romanian companies if they do market research and what the impact of the research has.

The results show that market surveys have an impact on company’s profit growth. This reasserts to us, the experts, that our efforts of delivering market information and fetching marketing strategies, indeed come in help to our customers, who we consider our partners.

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Download The Impact of Market Research in Romanian CompaniesGive me the whitepaper for free

We are more than happy to answer any further questions regarding market intelligence or if you are thinking of carrying on your own market research, but you do not know which approach is best suited to maximize your results. Send us a message here and we will provide well documented answers in no time.