Can you think of any business process digitizing so fast and creating as many new trends as Digital Marketing? Keeping up with all the changes, challenges and opportunities is now, more than ever, the key for successful companies, which grow with the trends.

We’ve spent entire weeks documenting the latest, the greatest, the juiciest marketing trends out there, so you don’t have to.  And we’re giving it away for free (more on that down below).

In 2019 there will be an increase in sustainable marketing for good as more brands state their purpose in the world. People will support, buy, and promote brands that align with their own values. In return, consumers expect even more relevant and personal experiences as brands use data in smarter ways.

Top brands must know how to seize the opportunities and face their challenges, taking a proactive stance and welcoming change. Marketers have to understand the new demands of their more aware consumers and use technological advances to their advantage, to deliver superior value.

digital marketing trends 2019

Free download: Click here to download "Digital Marketing Trends" White Paper – get instant access to the full research

What are the main trends to look for in 2019?

Building on the trends we have already seen in 2018, in 2019 digital marketing will continue to focus on personalization and making use of video content and interactive experiences. We can also see a rising demand for purpose-driven, accountable brands and experiential marketing.

These developments are neither new nor unheard of in the already dynamic marketing environment. They are sometimes surprising, often disruptive, yet the normal evolution of the new technologies easily available to consumers everywhere.

Delivering a more customized and seamless experience to consumers should be one of the main goals of a marketer in 2019. As they look for more personalized and exciting interactions with brands, the first businesses that will be there to actively understand and respond to their needs will have a significant advantage, regardless of their industry.

Companies must also understand that they are building their brands on more than good products at competitive prices. Consumers, especially the younger Millennial and Generation Z, are looking for brand personality, for brands that positively contribute to the well-being of the society.

Free download: Click here to download "Digital Marketing Trends" White Paper – get instant access to the full research

Good Documentation for Top Information

The report was conducted by MKOR Consulting, a team of professionals who referred both external and internal data sources. We dedicated all the time and effort necessary to deliver the highest quality and updated information regarding digital marketing.

Extremely well-documented, our study references reliable & relevant publications and articles of external marketing experts. It also contains our personal input and experience, gathered from recent conferences and our own research study results.


Megatrends & Trends Summary

Our white-paper, available for free download, covers a structured assessment of the most important megatrends and trends for 2019, including relevant examples for each of them:

Megatrend: Purpose-driven Marketing (Empathy & Authenticity)

  • Generation Z activism
  • Proactive CSR and brand values
  • Feminism as a brand value

Megatrends: Video content

  • Interactive videos
  • Live Video
  • Instagram TV

Megatrend: Omnichannel and Interactive

  • Micro-moments
  • Chatbots
  • Voice Marketing

Megatrend: Personalization

  • Predictive Analysis
  • AI & Big Data
  • Data Privacy
  • IoT

Megatrend: Experiential Marketing (Branded Experiences)

  • Branded escape
  • Branded podcast
  • Branded stories/ Native Storytelling
  • AR & VR
  • Building Brand Communities
  • Influencers and Micro-influencers

digital marketing trends 2019 preview

Free download: Click here to download "Digital Marketing Trends" White Paper – get instant access to the full research

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